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Four good reasons, why you should join us

Apart from our persuasive skills to get our design department to create this website for us, we are actually nice people.


Learn from each other

The academy is an open community. We come together and share experiences and best practices. This community is free and non profit.


Contribute and make yourself heard

Customer Success Management is a quite new field. We want to hear your story and let other customer success professionals learn from your experience.


Gain industry data and insights

We conduct periodical industry polls. We share the data we collect with our community members so that you can set benchmarks and evaluate your opportunities.


Connect with like-minded professionals

It's a community from experts for experts. We screen our members to create a safe environment for you to establish meaningful connections.

"This community is all about sharing experiences and identifying industry benchmarks so you can spot new opportunities."

“It's nice to have a community where we can share our struggles and experiences in this rather new field.”

Manuela Cavagni, customer success

“What resonates most with me is the idea of an open academy where everybody can contribute and learn.”

Elyse Simek, customer experience

“I am amazed by the level of support this community is receiving from the companies they work with.”

Shivani Buchner, customer success

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